In 2003, a conference "Who needs lake Võrtsjärv?" was launched by initiative of the local governments around the Lake and was held in Viljandi County Hall.

The aim of the conference was to present the mid-term review of the Master Plan of the area. The best long-term agreement of the stakeholders were searched during a comprehensive plan, so that lake would be protected and plans would be prepared for the lake area.

Now, eight years later, it is a good time to assess whether the agreements were “waterproof”? Have we found the best decisions and solutions? How to proceed?

We have found the answer to the following question: "Who needs the lake Võrtsjärv?" The largest Estonian inland water-body is necessary for all of us. Some people depend more on living, working or resting place of the lake, but the lake's future depends on us all.

The present conference “Our Lake Võrtsjärv” aims at characterization of the current situation of the Lake Võrtsjärv area: economical, ecological and social processes, identification of trends and the necessary follow up plans and actions.

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